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Welcome to the Homepage of NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG, Software- and Gamedevelopment made in Germany


We are NeoBird GmbH, a Cross-Plattform-Development Studio from Germany, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023.

Let's analyze the requirements for your project and determine the best possible approach for your software together. With the right development tools, we can implement software solutions holistically.
From web-based content management systems through to the finished smartphone or desktop application.

Whether game, app or web, colorful or serious, we are your contact in the broad field of software development.

Thanks to our agile, Scrum-based way of working, we can react flexibly to changes and still deliver on time and according to plan.

Our services include:

Our Expertise
AR & VR experiences

Interactive applications for augmented- and virtual reality. Through our experience with Unity 3D, we facilitate real-time immersive experiences.

3D visualization

Concept art, 3D modelling, animation and visualisation for games and presentations.

iOS & Android apps

Developed with cross-platform frameworks or natively with Java, Swift or Kotlin. We ensure efficient implementation of your app.

Web applications

Full cross-platform availability of web content. Native wrapping to create mobile apps based on web-applications.

Unity 3D & C#

This cross-platform 3D engine is not only suited to create games. We can also build immersive 3D applications for presentations.

Games & gamification

We use game design mechanisms to create accessible software. Make your serious application as easy to pick up as a game!


Here you can find a small selection of some exciting projects that NeoBird has worked on in over 10 years.

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Signia IX Demo
Signia IX Demo
Forever Young Atlas
Forever Young Atlas
Stabilo Schreibtrainer
Stabilo Schreibtrainer
Erwischt!? Findet die Sicherheitslücken
Erwischt!? Findet die Sicherheitslücken
World Splitter
World Splitter
in Games
our customers & partners

In more than 10 years of business, we have worked with a wide variety of customers and partners, large and small, and all of them interesting. You can see some of them here.

This is us

NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Martin Schiele in Nuremberg in December 2012 and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023.

Since then, NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG has been planning and developing digital projects and applications, as well as games and serious games for PC, mobile, web, virtual/augmented reality and many other platforms. 

With a focus on the planning, conception and development of complex individual software within the framework of commissions, NeoBird is one of the contacts for digital solutions in southern Germany.

martin schiele
† 27.06.2022

Martin Schiele, founder and Managing Director of NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG, passed away unexpectedly in June 2022 following a serious illness.

Martin Schiele studied computer science at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg and, even before founding NeoBird, managed a successful company dedicated to the development of online gaming platforms and free-to-play multiplayer games. 

Technology, IT and video games were his passions, which he lived and shared with the entire team until the very end. And so it was clear that NeoBird, his life's work, would continue to exist after his death. 

Martin's father, Helmut Schiele, took over the management of the company. Despite the difficult personal circumstances, he took it upon himself to lead the company through the transition and successfully steer it onto a new and secure course.

The Team

The NeoBird team currently consists of more than 15 employees in the areas of development, design and administration.

Helmut Schiele
Managing Director
Marcelina Schiele
Project Administration
Tobias Maushammer
Lead Developer
Dsc1678 2
Robin Modisch
Lead Developer
Dsc1470 2
Stefan Eberlein
Senior Developer
Martin Hauschild
Senior Developer
Benjamin Röder
Developer / Full-Stack
Jakob List
Developer / Concept
Janik Helbig
Developer / XR
Patrick Deysenroth
Developer / XR
Dsc1763 2
Sascha Hübner
Developer / Concept
Dsc1766 3
Patrick Pfeifer
Arne Burkert
2D Artist / UI
Leonard Pichl
3D Artist / XR
Kathleen Eckstein
2D Artist / Illustration
Dscsmall 0408
Felize Büttner
2D Artist / SFX
Sarah Freytag
2D Artist / Writer
Janis Karl
3D Artist / VFX
Dsc1192 2
Lead Dog / Good Boy
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