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Cross-Platform Game Development

NeoBird is focused on cross platform game development utilizing HTML-5 and Flash.

We deliver our games across a plethora of devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and platforms (social networks, browser, game consoles) without compromising quality. Our proprietary, higly scalable backend architecture - the NeoBird Cloud - enables us to run persistent game worlds and realtime multiplayer games.

We excel in the development of free-to-play multiplayer games, which can be played in the browser as well as on mobile devices. You can view our current games here.


Visit www.spellcreepers.com

Spellcreepers - The tactical RPG Puzzle Game
Lead your Spellcreepers to victory! Win tactical RPG puzzle duels, loot treasure chests and bag powerful items.
Play online against thousands of other players!

Find yourself in a world full of magical beings in this unique combination of puzzle and role-playing game. There's only one way to survive - Fight! Defeat the Spellcreepers and make them your allies. Every creeper has its own special skills. Find your favorite creeper and together you can fight your way through the different worlds, growing steadily stronger and mastering new challenges as you go!

Now available for iOS and Android!

Upcoming releases

And here is the sixty-four-dollar question: What more has NeoBird in store for 2014? In any case Spellcreepers fans can look forward to clever updates for their adventure- and PvP-experiences.
Above that our team has joined forces with well-known publishers to deliver new games. We are going to fry the charges out of your smartphones, tablets and - if still in use - your desktop PCs as well.